Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Year's Schedule

This Years Schedule:

8:30  Family Devotion. Finish Morning Responsibilities
(dog care, pack own lunches, make bed, laundry etc.)

9:00  Morning Math Block
         Instruction for Jack and Lydia.....then they have a math center.
         Math Center for Audrey..............then she has Math Instruction.
         Andrew Practice Guitar
         Sophie with Lincoln

9:30  BLOCK STUDY: This rotates each day.  Jackson/Lydia/Audrey have the same assignments from Co-op and Sophie has different ones but the same subjects.  So I bounce between the two groups.  Andrew watches his Math Instruction during this time.  Lincoln plays with his box of the day during this time.
          Monday-Geography Block
          Tuesday-Writing Workshop
          Wednesday-Science Block
          Friday-History Block
          Lincoln free play with toy box of the day
          Andrew-watch Math Instructional DVD

Box of the Day
Monday-Rescue Hero's
Tuesday-Little People
Wednesday-Hess vehicles with car mat.
(Lincoln doesn't come on Friday's and Thursday's we are at co-op)

10:15  Monday/Wednesday.....Jackson Speech with Ms. Vanessa
           Tuesday....Jackson with Lincoln
           Friday......Jackson Free Play
            Sophie-Silent Reading
            Phonics Lesson with Audrey....then Audrey does Morning Work (worksheets)
            Morning Work for Lydia.....then Phonics Lesson with Lydia.
           Andrew do Math Homework

10:45  Family Story time (snack if needed)  We read a chapter book and we read a chapter        of a math storybook series called Life of Fred.

11:00  Sophie Morning Work
            Jackson Phonics Lesson
            Andrew Reads and Writes and Studies for Western Literature
            Audrey and Lydia with Lincoln

11:15   Jackson Morning Work
             Andrew Western Literature
             Sophie Tutoring with me
             Lydia-Spelling Instruction
            Audrey, Lincoln free play/crafts

12:00    Lunch/Outside

12:30    Monday and Friday Sophie-Keyboarding
             Andrew-Biology homework/studying
             Monday and Friday......Jackson, Lydia, Audrey Vocabulary
             Tuesday and Wednesday......Jackson, Lydia, Audrey, and Sophie Penmanship

12:45   Jackson/Lydia/Audrey....have Room time
            Afternoon Math Block with Sophie: Center and Instruction and homework.

1:45     Andrew......Civics
            Kim.........Grade Papers/Make copies for tomorrow/Lesson Plans
            Jackson/Lydia/Audrey/Sophie..............Free Play/Electronics

2:15     Andrew.....Spanish
            Kim......Finish Prep.

This years extras:
Andrew-Basketball and Guitar

I'm so excited that both girls dance classes and Andrew's guitar class are all on Monday.  Which means we can knock it all out in one night!  Basketball season will get a little hairy....but the rest o the year is going to be NICE!!!

The four younger kids are all going to be doing the Gospel Project at our church on Wednesday nights.  We are really excited about this!  Andrew will continue participating in the Youth Group.  Randy and I will do the Bible Study while the kids are in their activities.  We will also be joining a family life group on Sunday Nights which we are all looking forward to.

So this is the plan for this year.  Covered in lots and lots and lots of prayer.




Monday, August 27, 2012

Schools Back

Today marks the 10th year of our home school operations.
10 years!
A decade...WOW!
It also marks the beginning of our high school.
The head teacher....that would be her very own CHALKBOARD!!!
I REALLY like my new chalkboard.  I have looked at them for years and they cost so much for a big one.  Then my "old neighbor" had an awesome painted one with a frame.  I LOVED it.  So I thought about that.  Again....the frame was pricey.  So I kept putting it off.  I was sharing my issues with Randy and being the genius that he is...he said just using casing.  What???!!!  Why didn't I think of that? dad had some casing.....and he came up with the idea of turning the bottom piece up to make a chalk ledge......So Now for the first time in 10 years this teacher has a nice, big, pretty, chalkboard...and I am happy!
So.....School is back.
It was a busy, full, fun day.

Mrs. Vanessa came for speech!

Lincoln had a fun day celebrating his birthday!!!
Can't believe he is two!

He loved his gift and his cupcakes.
He is one sweet boy!

After school we went to the Pet Shop because Lincoln LOVES looking at the animals.
He got so excited....until it was time to leave. 
I picked him up to carry him to the car and he kept saying...."more!  more!" he was not ready to leave.
It was a good first day back.
I'm just having a hard time believing that I have a high schooler! 
My baby started kindergarten....WOW!
I better not blink!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Beautiful Body

One of the things that has struck me this summer is how beautiful the body of Christ is.  I have gotten to see pockets of it near and far and experience it in a new way this summer.  As we have gotten to know people at our new church it has been neat to meet all these Christians from around Durham/Raleigh/Chapel Hill that I didn't know before.  It is neat to realize that there are little pockets of light roaming all over the area that I had not known, yet we have the connection of being Christians.  Then when I had the opportunity to go to Guatemala this summer I was again struck by how beautiful it was to meet people in an entirely different country worshiping and serving and living for the same Savior.  It makes the BIG world seem a little smaller and much more connected.  Then this week I got to see the body in action.  It has been a blessing to witness. 

A dear friend of mine, Rebecca, sent out an email plea for help.  I've blogged about Rebecca before. She is a teacher in our co-op.  She is an amazing, sweet, Christian woman that I love.  Her cousin, who I don't know, has recently traveled to Boston to have a very experimental procedure done.  Her life is literally in the balance.  She has been in the hotel hospital with her 11 year old daughter for several weeks.  She is very sick.  She doesn't know a soul in Boston.  And her mother's heart worried not for herself, but for her daughter.  She wanted her to have some fresh air, to play, to get out.....and yet she was helpless.  So she shared her concerns with her cousin Rebecca.  Who sent out an email to some of her Christian friends wondering if anyone knew anyone they trusted in the area that may be a contact or resource for help.  Well I immediately thought of the son and daughter-in-law of our long time, beloved pastor.  They moved to Boston several years ago to plant a church. 

Let me tell you.  Leigh's response......a blessing.  Without a moments hesitation....without regard to her life....her schedule....knowing the details.....nothing....her answer....YES!  My precious friend said yes....and has since worked out the details.  She is a young mom to three young kids.  She has her hands full....yet when she saw a need......her answer: YES!  I know Leigh has and will be a blessing to Rebecca's cousin and daughter and I know she has blessed Rebecca and I with her sweet, quick, selfless response.  I am again reminded of the beauty of the body of Christ.  Him using our hands to do his different different that all men will know that Jesus is THE Christ the son of God.  Thank you Leigh for laying down your plans, your agenda, your life to serve.  I pray you will be blessed ten-fold.

I am so thankful for the body of Christ!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Where did it Go?

Where did the summer go? 

We splashed it away in the pool.....

and at the lake!

We scorched it in the sunshine. 

We gulped it down in "shark's blood" and water....lots and lots of water. 

We ran through the days in the clumps of grass left to grow a bit too long. 

We slid through the days giggling into a plastic pool filled with water....and dirt....and those dang clumps of grass.  

We went to camp.....well she went to camp!

This was the summer of kids....lots and lots and lots of kids.  Inside and outside.  Lot of noise! Lots of crumbs.....lots of water.  LOTS of sunscreen.  Lots of sand.  Lots of crafts. 
Lots of FUN!

We stayed up way too late not wanting to miss one single second. 

We made a shameful

We whispered secrets under a shady tree. 

 We had sleepovers.  We had parties.  We went to Nanny's and Grammy's.  We spent nights in hotels.

We spent hours on the phone.  This was the summer of the phone! 
We savored it as we read books.  We enjoyed it at the movies.  We watched way too much of the Olympics. 
We gave each other tattoos. 

We went out to real restaurants. 

We worked

We learned.

We fussed.  We got bored. 

We met new friends. 

Cherished old ones. 

We ate ice cream at the farm.
Watermelon at the pool. 

Snowballs at Pelicans.  Burgers on the patio. 
Our summer is almost gone.
School is coming. 
We said hard goodbyes.
We've grown....and shrunk!
It's been good.
Very good!
While I'm eager for the structure that fall brings I do so want to enjoy these last few days. 
 And enjoy we will.  A birthday with a friend.  A dip in the pool.  One more outing to the lake....well maybe two!
 Friends to play just. one. more. time! 
 Then its gone. 

Goodbye Summer!
We sure did enjoy you!

Friday, August 17, 2012


I have a really good mother-in-law.  She loves me.  She is nice to me.  She spoils me.  She wanted to surprise me and so she and Randy hatched a plan for her and my sister-in-law to "kidnap" me for the day and take me shopping. How nice is that?   Now Randy was so excited he did let the surprise slip a little early....but I was still surprised.  Just earlier then expected!  So while sweet Randy took the kids to get free haircuts (thank you JC Penny's and Debra) his Mama took me shopping.  All I can say is WOW!  I don't shop a lot so I don't have a lot of clothes.  Well....that is no longer the case.  Ruth loaded me up!  We did find some great deals and we also had lunch at Rockfish Grill and it was just a really fun day.  As I was hugging her and thanking her for such a special day and her extreme generosity.....she said she was glad she was here to be able to take me shopping.  I got a little chocked see Rhonda and Ruth were in a very bad accident several weeks is miraculous how well they are doing.  Ruth is also a breast cancer survivor.  She has brushed death and she realizes how precious life is.  Her words reminded me once again that life is finite.  We have a small window to love the people in our lives.  I want to love them well.  I love my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law.  I am grateful for having them in my life.  They are blessings to me.  Love you both!

Monday, August 13, 2012


It has been about a month since I last did a personal I thought it was about that time.  I went back to my thyroid specialist doctor and am happy to report that my thyroid numbers are all back where they should be.  All numbers are in the completely normal range.  Praise the Lord!  So I just need to continue to take my medicine every day and check in with my regular doctor each year.  So how do I feel?  Better.  I feel much more in tune with my surroundings.  I feel more awake and I feel happier.  So YEAH!!!

I am still faithfully attending Weight Watchers.  I will complete my seventh week on the program tomorrow and I am down 21.2 pounds!!!  I'm averaging 2.9 pounds a week.  I love the program because I can eat whatever I want but the better choices I make the more I can eat.  So it really does encourage healthy eating without taking away food groups or making any food restricted.  I do like that!

AND......drum roll please.......I started to exercise this week.  I know....shocking!  My points were dwindling and I wanted to eat some pondering I decided that drastic times call for drastics measures....So I VERY RELUCTANTLY decided to exercise.  Randy has been a big motivator in this area.  He has been exercising since he started the program....and he has really seen some great results.  So I finally decided to join him.  I must admit.....I like soon as I am done.  So I am waking up EARLY :(  5:30......and working out after Randy.  Poor Randy works out at 4:45. About 6:00 everyday I am thrilled that I did it.  About 5:30...not so much.   We are both doing the elliptical machine.  Which I am loving because it hasn't made my ankle hurt at all.  Which is a miracle.  I have constant issues with my left ankle.  I guess the elliptical is no impact, yet gives me a great aerobic workout. 

So we are trucking right along.  We both had a salad and shared a small slice of cheesecake on our anniversary.  We have come a long way....and have a long way left to go.....but are excited about the direction we are heading.  I'll update again in about a month. I am hoping that by the next update I will have added some toning exercises.  But I am intentionally trying to take things very slow and make little changes until each becomes a habit.  So please feel free to keep praying for us.  It is difficult to make changes after a lifetime of living differently!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pinterest Saturday has been so nice and cozy and lazy.  I've been on Pinterest for a while now.....but I don't normally spend a lost of time on it.  Well today was a different story.  I spent the day actually doing some of my "pins". 

I started by making a sweet picture in honor of our anniversary.  This kids think it is so funny!  They don't know why we are listed with all those famous people.

I also made a bulletin board I've been eyeing for some time....I thought it was such a cute idea!  I'm going to let the kids add a new flower with their own synonyms when school starts back.

I also decorated my Germ-X bottle.....I think my Germ Juice is extra adorable....which just makes me smile.

Then I found a homemade crockpot recipe for applesauce that will go very nicely with tomorrow nights pork will make my house smell extra yummy.....AND will be a good snack for the little ones at camp next week!

Finally I searched for a recipe to take to a ladies social this Tuesday.  A friend from church invited me to one of her friends house for a "Christmas in August" social and we all are suppose to bring a Christmas treat to was fun searching for a recipe and getting ideas for our Christmas.

The best part of all is that I didn't spend one penny.  I just made the picture on my computer and used an old frame I had here.  For the flowers I used letters and scrapbook paper that I already had from last year.  I went to Sherwin Williams and they happily donated a paint wheel to my cause!  I already had the Germ-X I just ripped off the labels and used my Cricket (last years b-day gift) and some adhesive paper and ribbon I had sitting in the laundry room!!!!

So cool....and now we are all cleaned up and Daddy Bear is taking us all out to dinner at my favorite restaurant in the world.....Saladelia!

What a wonderful day!

I enjoyed my Saturday A LOT.....AND I am really liking Pinterest....such good ideas!

Hope your Saturday was great!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Memory Lane

Randy and I met in church about the ripe old age of 4 or 5.  I honestly don't remember meeting him....I've just always known him.  We dated briefly in high school and then again in college. 
Here is a trip down memory lane.....

Randy and I got engaged in December 1995

Wow....we were BABIES!!!

Got married at Duke Chapel in Durham, North Carolina on August 10, 1996.  Pastor Don Chasteen officiated.

Honeymooned at Disney World

Moved into our home in Wilmington, NC.  Randy worked as a manager trainee at 84 Lumber and I worked as a Nanny for a doctor and his wife.

May 1997 Randy graduated with a History degree from UNC-Wilmington.

December 1997 Moved to Oxford, NC.  Randy began work at Sun River Builders.

March 1998 Andrew born in Durham, NC.

July 1998 moved into our home on Neff Street in Durham, NC

December 1998 I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from UNC-Wilmington.

Moved to house on Callahan Circle.

February 10, 2001 Matthew was stillborn.

Moved to house on Lipscomb Drive.  Randy started Impact Builders.

May 10, 2003 Sophie was born.

August 2003 opened The Home Builders Academy

Moved to house on Garcia Drive

Moved to house on Old Buggy Trail.

February 10, 2006 Jackson and Lydia were born.

April 2, 2007 Audrey was born.

Moved to Bivins Road

Moved to Fox Run Court. 

WARNING:  Random side note follows......

And this is how you know who your friends are......They are the ones that show up with Gatorade when you move (for the 10th time) and help you setup beds for your 100 kids.....and walk through job loss, and listen to you cry.....and cook you dinner......and invite to their house for dinner when you can't afford to go out.....and pray for you....and hang out on the front porch with you......and can always make you laugh.  LOVE THESE TWO.....

Buddies through the years!

Been busy working, waiting, watching, learning, living, loving, growing.......

Can't wait to see what the next 16 years hold!  The first 16 just FLEW by!  They have held many houses, lots of kids, lots of laughter, plenty of tears......but am so thankful to have a godly husband who leads us.  So thankful to be on the journey with such a sweet, smart, kind man.  I'll love him forever!!!!