Friday, July 31, 2015


I'm thinking the time has come to return to the blog.  I wish I could tell you why I stopped blogging but I'm not really sure.  It was a combination of life and heartache and a need for privacy.  I think when I blog I can at times become so transparent that I have no space left for myself......

That probably does not even make sense....

Here is a bit of a life update:

Randy is still a building inspector here in town and he still loves it.  He is still running.  He is still a foodie.  He is still funny.  He is still a great Daddy.  I must say the biggest change is that he is getting sweeter in his old age though and he is becoming a better and better husband.

Andrew is gearing up to start his senior year at a local Christian school.  Be still my heart.  How can my boy be a Senior?  He's not even a boy anymore.  He's like a man.  It's crazy!  He is still working as a life guard and still swimming year around.  He is busy looking at collages and hanging out with friends and I am busy trying to steal time.  There. is. not. enough. 

Sweet Sophia is growing up! She took the Red Cross  Babysitting Class this summer and passed with flying colors.  She is so ready to babysit.  She has had a great summer hanging out with friends and doing swim team.  She was awarded Most Dedicated Swimmer for her age group.  Yeah Sophie!

Jack Attack is growing like a weed.  He also swam this summer.  He improved dramatically over the summer.  Even dropping 13 seconds during Champs!  He is still 100% boy.  Loud. Dirty. Fun. Going from sunup to sundown. He plays hard.  He fights hard.  He laughs hard.  His head is hard.  He loves hard.  Would not change him for the world.  Love my boy.

Lovely Lydia is very excited that she has been invited to join Girl Talk.  She has seen big sissy do her group for a couple years now and has longed to be in a group.  She goes to her first meeting next week and she is READY.  Chapter read.  Supplies listed and gathered.  On. top. of. it.  She is also very excited that she was moved up to the silver team in clogging which is a very big deal to her!  So yeah Lyddie!

Awesome Audrey is hilarious.  She is what Randy would have been like as a girl.  Spitting. Image.  Bless her.  Funny.  Outgoing.  Friendly.  Smart. Oh. my. word.  Baby girl is starting gymnastics next week after asking for two needless to say she is excited!  Still loves dogs and snuggles and back rubs.

I am slowly beginning to run again, after a severe ankle injury. It was nothing exciting just the slow wearing down of my tendons due to my severely flat feet.  Then one last run.  One searing pain.  Done.  So after over a year off and some very expensive insoles, physical therapy, and tennis shoes I am VERY slowly trying to walk/run again. I am also planning to bike and swim because I may never be able to run much again.  I am also back to homeschooling and even though I'm beginning my twelfth year I feel like a newbie.  Taking a year off and starting back with a new co-op and curriculum is a bit overwhelming!  I think I will enjoy the journey more this go round.  I think I've mellowed a bit.

I liked this picture....but I had something stuck in my tooth....I decided to go with it!  See I've mellowed.

So that is us......