Thursday, March 24, 2016

We are still here....

As I prop myself to a half sitting, half laying state I must admit this is the best I've felt in 48 hours.  It's been a rough couple days....months really.  As most of you know I had a major foot reconstruction right before Christmas, which left me non-weight bearing for a couple months.  I just started walking again at the beginning of the month and we have been nothing but SICK.

It started with our home school field trip. 

When I came back I was worn out.  I thought I was getting sick but decided I had just walked too much on my newly working foot.  So we headed out of town to a swim meet.  I was so glad we went.  The kids had a blast and swam well. 

Then.....Sophia woke up on day 2 of the swim meet with the stomach bug.  The stomach bug slowly worked through Sophie and me and Randy.  Then we were finally all healthy again and Audrey woke up, at a friends house, burning up with fever.  Then I got sick and then Sophia got sick.  The flu has been working its way through our family this week.  I seriously have never felt this sick in my life.  I guess I forgot to get the flu shot.  I always get the flu shot!  My kids always get the flu shot!  I don't know how I forgot....I guess I was too busy laughing at Randy when he spent his time at the fair getting a flu shot.....guess who's laughing now?!?

Not really....Randy has been so sweet!  I actually fainted yesterday when I was taking the girls to the doctor.  He left work and came and got us and then took me to my appointment later that day.  He took care of dinner and picked up all our meds.  He has waited on us all hand and foot.  For months....seriously.  I'm sure he's getting a bit tired of us all being sick and handicapped. 

It was spring break this week.  I had envisioned having friends to play.  Sleeping in.  Watching Duke basketball.  It had even crossed my mind to do a day trip to the beach.  No school.  Beautiful weather.  I was pumped!  I was going to do really good on the Easter Baskets because I had majorly failed on Valentines Day.......this foot....seriously has me off my game.  So Easter Baskets...are not looking good.  I think I have a pack of gum and Reese peanut butter eggs and that is it.  How I'm feeling now.....I'm thinking Easter fail.

So to say this Spring Break was a bit disappointing would be accurate.

School starts again Monday.  We should be healthy just in time.

Summer is coming.  The sun is shining.  Tamiflu works.  Jesus has risen.  There are things to celebrate!  So even if I don't remember Christmas, I totally flaked on Valentines, and Easter is not looking much better I am trying to remind myself that this is just a season.  This too shall pass.  I will be able to clean the house and celebrate holidays and enjoy the beautiful weather soon. 

If I go missing one day soon....just know I've probably grabbed a book, skipped town for the day and headed east.  I miss the beach.  The salt.  The sand.  The sunshine.  Ahhhh.....almost. summer.