Monday, October 26, 2015


Yesterday morning as we stood at church and our voices rang out singing;

The heavens ring
The saints all sing
"Great is Your faithfulness"
From age to age
We will proclaim
"Great is Your faithfulness
How great is Your faithfulness"

Naturally as we sang my mind remembered God's faithfulness.  How He has provided over the years.  He's literally provided shoes, clothes, food, a car when we were needy.  Not only did He provide, but He did it in such unique ways.  Winning a shopping spree when Randy was out of work.  Families from church bringing bags of clothing.  A neighbor literally giving us their car!  He is faithful.  I've seen His plan in my life and in my family unfold.  He is indeed faithful!  As we continued to sing my mind wandered and thought about the older saints.  I started to think of dear Christians who had walked many decades with the Lord and wondered at the stories of His faithfulness that they could share.  I would love to sit and hear them!

This made me thankful.  I was thankful for the family of God.  I was thankful for the multi-generational family God has planted us in.  I love the body of Christ.  What a sweet sweet gift!

After church one of my all time favorites, the Zweigal's,  in true Zweigal fashion invited a complete stranger to ride with us out to lunch, but only after securing a promise from us to return said stranger to their home after lunch!  I loved this for so many reasons.  I love that they could ask us that.  I loved that they were secure enough in our relationship. That is only something you would ask your people.  You wouldn't ask an acquaintance that.   I love that they are bold.  Bold to initiate relationships with strangers.  I love that they care about strangers.  I love that they are not going to be hindered in relationships and Christian kindness because of obstacles. In this case the obstacle was a Prius filled with three little boys and no room for a foreign stranger with only a bike as transportation.  No problem!  Just ask someone else in the family to give them a ride!  Problem solved.  Oh how I love the family of God! 

Because of the Zweigal's initiative and kindness we were blessed.  We got to share meal with a lovely stranger from Cambridge.  He was a legit Christian.  A brother in Christ.  He's leaving to return to his wife and life and home across the ocean.  We will likely never see him here again.  It was one meal.  It was one prayer.  Yet it's just so neat for me to think we will spend eternity with this man in heaven and we got to spend a meal with him here.  I love my local church and I love God's universal church.  What an amazing gift from a faithful God.

Happy Monday!