Monday, November 21, 2016

The Rescue

As I read in Genesis this morning about Dinah's rape and how her brothers tricked the prince and came in and destroyed the city so that they could rescue Dinah from her capture a part of me just wanted to cheer.  There is something deep within my soul that just loves a good rescue story.  I love good conquering evil.  I love vindication.  My mind can't help but turn to the greatest rescue of all time.  How Jesus rescued me.  I too was a prisoner.  Locked away and held captive by my own evil and sinful desires and actions and thoughts.  I had no hope.  Yet Jesus saw me.  Before the foundation of the earth, he picked me and knew me and loved me and formulated the greatest rescue plan of all time.  The plan to save me from my sins.  How amazing and loving is that?  So as thanksgiving approaches I'm thankful.  I'm thankful that despite my undeserving, wretched, sinful, rebellious way.....due to nothing I've ever done or deserved.....he chose me in him.  He entered our sin-soaked world and he was born of a virgin and he lived the perfect life and then was nailed to a tree for my sinfulness.  His Father God turned away from him because of my sin on Him.  The agony, the pain, the shame, the suffering for me.  That is a great rescue.  That is the most unbelievable love.  Thank you, Jesus, for rescuing me.