Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Classroom

This is what the room looked like when we arrived!
It was pretty messy!

And a bit overwhelming!

We worked hard!  Scrubbed. Shined. Vacuumed.  Culled.  But now I am happy to say....
Welcome to my classroom!
I think my favorite part may be the library....

I got the idea from a super cute blog called
It has so many fantastic ideas!
This is the view of the classroom from my desk.

Here are a few more pictures of the library!

Love these books!

They are divided by levels and themes.
The inside cover of each book has a sticker that matches the bin it belongs in.
So the kids can locate the correct bin when they are finished!
Hope this works!

The cute paper flowers on top of the bookshelves were made by my sweet Lydia.
She added such a sweet touch to the room.
Love my girl.
This is where we will do our morning circle.

My friend Julia is hunting down a rug for me!
Love my cute little garden!

Above is where I am planning to have our class computer.
Below is where I will meet with reading groups.

I love that my room has two big low windows!
The adorable curtains were made by my friend Misty Dupree.
She has her own online store
She also made my desk skirt!
I want to say a HUGE thank you to my dear friends Kellie and Julia!
They worked tirelessly.  They were so creative.  They had such good taste and great ideas for using the space.  The classroom would not look as good as it does without their touch!
I felt very well loved after our day in the classroom.  In the words of Julia they were "tucking me in" to my classroom.  That is exactly how I felt.  Tucked in.
So thankful for my sweet friends.

My magnetic board.  The cute schedule cards are a TPT download from the wonderful

I am happy to report....for any of you who were worried about my missing J.
Randy saved the J.
Yes...he had to remove the whiteboard to do it....but my man has skillz!
He also hung a new pencil sharpener after resucing the J.
Here's my door!

The green bins are for my student's to keep their class library books in.

My desk!
LOVE the skirt!
It turned an ugly desk into a pretty desk!

The cute Mrs. Stewart apple behind the desk is from Denny and Debra Mangum.  It was the inspiration for my room decor and color scheme!  I LOVE it!
Thank you guys!!!
Daily Five Board

A place to display student work!

Lunch Selection Board
(I've got to get Randy back to school to hang it for me)

Better to do!
Only one more week and the class bell will be ringing!
Mrs. Stewart