Friday, July 25, 2014

Commit to the Imperishable....

The phrase has been bouncing around my head for the last few days, "Commit to live a life focused on the imperishable."  I don't know who said it.  It was either Dr. Davis or a seminary student named Terry or one of them quoting someone else....Sorry!  I hate to not give proper credit.  I just jotted it down without writing who said it.  Nevertheless...I love this! 

Wednesday nights in depth Bible Study has focused on 1 Peter this summer.  I haven't been much.  We've been on vacation or I've had other commitments but I was there this Wednesday and Terry was teaching on Chapter 3....the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit (1 Peter 3:3) it captivated me.  Then Terry said this theme of what is imperishable has been constant throughout 1 Peter.

So I went back to find out what is imperishable.  What kind of things are worth committing my life to?

Imperishable:                                                                  Perishable:
Blood of Christ (1:18)                                                      Gold (1:7)
Beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit (3:3)                          Silver and Gold (1:18)
Christ's blood/Salvation (1:4-5)                                       Flesh (1:23)
Word of God (1:23)                                                         External Beauty (3:3)
Good News/Gospel (1:25)

I'm going to have to look into this one more and ask some people but I think Chapter 2: 11-12 may be implying that good deeds are imperishable.  I'd love some feedback.  It kind of makes sense because we are going to receive rewards based on our good that may be added to the list?  Any thoughts?!?

This list is not exhaustive.  It's just some stuff to think about.  God's word is so applicable to life.  Wednesday night I was sitting with Margo, a sweet mom to 7 grown children, a dear saint.  She said, speaking of herself, "How often do I refuse to go out the door without lipstick and yet think nothing about going out without having spent time in God's word?"  Convicting. 

Finally, I think I liked the quote because they said COMMIT.  Not: "Try to live" or "Strive for" or "Do your best".  Commitment is like for real.  Like marriage.  Like a choice to continue after regardless of swaying feelings or personal preference or what I'm in the mood for.  It means every. day. regardless.  I like that.  It's serious and real.

I do want to point out that you can care about things without commiting to them.  It is okay to care about taking care of your body or care about looking nice or care about providing for your family....However, care is not the same as commitment and that difference is important!

So what is my commitment: Money, Appearance, Self.....
Or: Christ, Salvation, God's Word, the Gospel, and becoming a woman with a gentle and quiet spirit....Hmmmmmm

I know this: I want a life commited to the imperishable!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Slow Summer

There is a lot I have not been doing this summer......blogging.  Sorry!  I think it about it occasionally and I do miss just hasn't been happening!

I haven't been doing swim team.  All I can say about that is YIPPEE!  What a nice break after 10 nice. did. not. miss. it. one. bit! 

I haven't been entertaining my kids.  They have had a fun summer....but it was no thanks to me!

I haven't been running much.  It's sad but true.  I am FINALLY, after a year of almost constant pain, getting some answers as to why my ankle hurts so much AND this week for the first time in a LOOOONG time it is REALLY feeling better.  So there is hope yet for my running!

What have I been doing?

Resting.  A lot. Sleeping in.  Taking Naps.  Going to bed early.  I was tired.  The rest has been good!

We've all rested!

Growing a garden.  It is wonderful.  I love the work of it.  I love the smell of it.  I love the fruit of it.  I love the naturalness of it.  Gardening is for me!  The little girls love it too!

Spending time with friends and family.  Visiting.  Eating pie.  Holding babies.  Breaking bread.  Sharing life.  The good, the bad, the ugly.

Sneaking out on dates with my little ones....
First time at Waffle House for this girl....Her eyes were bigger than her stomach!

I have been Reading too.  Novels.  Just for fun reading that I haven't done in years.  I love to read!

I've watched kids sleep late.  
Splash in the pool!

I've watched kids pick blueberries from my friends backyard.  
Prepare for tea parties at Nanny's.

I've been preparing for school.  I am really excited.  I've studied.  Written lesson plans.  Organized materials.  Shopped for supplies.  Prayed: For my kids and for my students.  

I've been planning.....our new starts early!  Our new adventure!  Trying to figure out how to fit in what matters.

I am a blessed woman.