Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Thanksgiving Break

We had a nice and quiet Thanksgiving.  Randy's parents and sister were in Texas visiting his brother.  My sister was working and my brother and his family were in South Carolina celebrating with his wife's family.  So it was just us and my parents this year.  We had lunch at Mama's.  It was delicious.  Mom had everything so beautiful and it was very laid back.

That evening we went to a movie as a family, which was a real treat. 

Friday was spent decorating for Christmas.  We went downtown to pick out a tree. 

Downtown was decorated for Christmas!

We went to the Trosa Tree Lot

We walked around downtown a bit.

I had fun taking pictures.

It was a warm and beautiful day for late November.

We all enjoyed our outing.

Audrey fell in love with these little deer.  Unfortunately, they cost a fortune!  So we just took a picture.

I did get a little sentimental remembering that this year will be Andrew's last Christmas living at home full time.  Sigh.

So I tried to get a nice family photo....but these guys are cheesen it up and trying to see who is taller!

Not the easiest crew to get a photo of!

We were pretty low key on the decorations this year.  I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible.

Mindy got tangled in the lights!

Saturday I spent the day Christmas shopping.

Sunday was spent at church, writing lesson plans, and watching football.
It was a nice Thanksgiving Break!

School starts back tomorrow.  2 full weeks of school and then Christmas break!!!!  I can make it!


Friday, November 27, 2015


I haven't really blogged about this much, because it is very disappointing for me to talk about or think about but I guess now is as good a time as any.  So a couple years ago I lost a ton of weight through diet and exercise.  I was running major miles and really loving and enjoying my active lifestyle.  About 2 years ago I started having intense foot pain and went to the doctor.  I was sure I had a stress fracture.  I didn't. He told me I had really flat feet.  RUDE! 

So he recommended physical therapy and a custom orthotic and to stop running.  Around the same time Randy's grandmother moved into our bedroom and we moved into Audrey's bedroom and Audrey moved into Lydia's bedroom.  Our world was pretty rocked.  Once again I was in survival mode and stopped focusing on taking care for my body and health.  Grandma living here was more then we realized so she ended up moving out and we all got our rooms back and life got back to somewhat normal.  I still was having a lot of pain and still following the doctors directions.  My weight was creeping up.....

Finally I decided the first doctor must have missed something.  I was in so much pain and even walking was irritating my foot.  I have a dear friend whose husband is a physical therapist and he looked at my feet and said I probably should not run and that I had flat feet and that the surgery needed to repair my foot was a pretty big deal but may be where I was headed. 

So....I kept waiting for it to get better.  I would try to walk sporadically but just could not get back in my groove.  Randy kept running along!  I must admit I was jealous!  I started our weight loss....I started our running.  Now he was running and losing and I was sitting and gaining.  Around this time I started back to teaching full time.  Which means cupcakes on a regular basis.  It was always someone's birthday or a holiday or teacher appreciation.  So the gain continued.  My foot was a little better, because I was less active.  Yet it continued to hurt.

My sister worked for an orthopedic doctor who did not do surgery.  So I made an appointment with him.  Still certain I had a stress fracture that the X-rays had missed.  I had a bone spur.  He suggested new orthotics from a really good doctor and said I had really flat feet.  He said I may need surgery.  So I got new orthotics and continued to rest my foot.  I decided I needed a goal.  I was going to compete in a MINI TRIATHLON.  Focus on the word mini!  It was mostly swimming and biking and just 2 miles of running.  I could do it.  Yet even walking hurt.

Then my knee and hip started to hurt on my same leg.  I texted my sister in tears and she said I needed to go back to Dr. B to be referred or to go directly to Dr. T, who was a surgeon.  I made an appointment with Dr. T.  He was great.  I was feeling pretty confident that I was going to leave with a cortisone shot and be good to go for months, maybe years.....Then on a guided X-ray he saw the pain point was not near a joint.  So the cortisone injection would not be effective.  My options were a custom made foot splint and no running and it could relieve some pain but would not fix the problem or a fairly major surgery to rebuild my foot which would fix the problem.  He said I should not distance run ever because the way my feet are but that I would be able to have an active lifestyle and be pain free and even be able to run again, just not long distances.

So....I guess I have really flat feet not a stress fracture.  The pain is not going away.  I stand it hurts.  I walk it hurts.  I work out it is unbearable.  It has affected my life pretty majorly for the last few years.  It is discouraging to see how much time I've lost and how much weight I have gained, but I'm not waiting any more.  I'm having the surgery.  It will be a big deal.  It will be inconvenient.  I think it will be worth it though.  The doctor assures me I will be thrilled after about 3-6 months....

So December 21 I am having my foot fixed.  I'm scared and excited.  I am having a tendon taken out of my calf and put into my foot.  I'm having the tendon in my calf lengthened.  I'm having a wedge built up to support my foot.  I'm having a screw put in my ankle and I am having my heel broken and realigned under my leg.  OUCH!  I will be non-weight bearing for 6-10 weeks.  I will be in a splint for 2 weeks and after staples are removed I will be casted for 6 weeks.  Then I should be able to move to a walking boot and begin physical therapy.

So....I'm starting over.  I don't have to lose all my weight again, but I do have to lose a lot.  I really think having my foot fixed is the first step.  I am still planning to do the triathlon.  I'm just moving it from Raleigh in May to Chapel Hill in October.  I think that will give me enough time to heal and train.  I may have to race walk the 2 miles...but I'm going to do it.