Friday, August 11, 2017

I Survived Summer and Starting School!

Mama's, summer is no joke!  It's fast, it's fun, it's full and at our house it's over.  It went out with a bang!  I spent several days at my parents beach house and let each of my kids bring a friend.  It was really fun.....

Lots of laughs

Lots of memories

Lots of food

Lots of sunshine

After our friends left we headed into a weeklong family vacation, that was exactly what the doctor ordered!

We came home, unpacked, and hit the ground running because 5 short days after vacation ended school began!

So on Thursday, I sent my four kiddos back to school.  The big one heads back in a couple weeks!

Sophia was headed to the brand new high school!  It's so pretty!!!!

She is absolutely in LOVE with high school.  She came home beaming.

Jackson and Lydia both started middle school.  That is crazy!  Lydia came home bubbling over with excitement about school and talking about all the friends she made.  Jackson made lots of friends and came home with a new nickname, "Jay"! There is another Jackson in his Jay it is!  They were a little bummed when they realized that they were twinning on the first day of was accidental!

As I was talking to Jackson before bed last night, I asked him who the prettiest girl in his class was.  He rolled his eyes and reluctantly admitted, "Lydia".  So sweet!

Audrey is in the fifth grade, and she is crazy about her teachers and already making friends.  Sophia asked her if she had done any of her voices at school yet.  She hasn't.....yet.  They have no idea.....I'm sure she will come out of her shell in a few days :)

I did tear up a little on Thursday as I dropped off the last kiddo.  Just for a bit though.  This is a new chapter for me.  I've homeschooled most of my adult life....and the one year they did go to school before I taught school.  So I'm home alone....and it is weird....and I must admit....a bit wonderful!

I've been stopping at the Riverwalk on my way home from school and walking and listening to music and I love it!  It is quiet and beautiful.

I am hopeful that this will become a habit.

I've also enjoyed unrushed Quiet Times with Peach Tea and uninterrupted Phone Calls with sweet friends.

So far it has been a lot of the same....Laundry, Dishes, Cooking, Cleaning, Planning, Organizing.

It is easier and quieter.

Except not the paperwork.....there is a lot of paperwork!

It's also a little different.....Packing Lunches, Morning Rush, Afternoon Carlines.....

And different because my breakfast game has been on point....(I'll try to remember to blog when I throw Pop tarts at them too!)

But it's also different because life feels a bit more restful....a lot less I can breathe a little.

(a little inspiration found on my morning walk)

I love my crew and am so excited to see them each afternoon and hear their stories and about their days but the break has been nice....very, very nice.  Except when Mindy tears up the trash and I'm the only one to clean it!  Just keeping it real......

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  1. Loved your post. So happy the kids are happy and so is their Mama! Savor the moments.❤️